Mcdvoice-McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

MCDVOICE-McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey

I am going to talk about Mcdonald’s Survey named mcdvoice. Before we start, know a little bit about McDonald’s History.

McDonald’s is a name to reckon with in the fast-food restaurant industry.

Founded 78 years ago, in California, today it has a vast empire, with over 36,000 branches worldwide in 120 countries, McDonald’s has proved its mettle time and again.

McDonald’s from the start was always the one to introduce new schemes and plans to attract customer’s into its stores. Right from their breakfast menu to their happy meal, McDonald’s enchants food lovers.

McDonald’s is keen on knowing their customer’s views while spending their time eating McDonald’s delicious food.

It is concerned about the satisfaction levels, so McDvoice survey is one way through which McDonald’s reaches out to its customers.

McDonalds Customer Survey Leave Feedback

McDonald’s quotes,” the right way to rise is with McDonald’s breakfast, a great breakfast to make every day a little better” is a plan, the food giant has come up with after taking into consideration its customers’ opinions. Today, the same is applied in all aspects of McDonald’s running its stores.

What is McDvoice @


McDonald’s is very resolved in figuring out its customer’s perspective of the growing fast-food chain.

It is eager to know and perceive what McDonald’s goers think about the restaurant and the services offer to its customers.

So, to make the procedure a tad bit effortless and unchallenging to both the customer and the employees.

McDonald’s has taken the initiative to introduce McdVoice survey on for customers to express their views through a series of questions. It is simple and doesn’t take much time to complete.

What will be the outcome of this McDonald’s Customer survey?

A group of highly trained and technical advisers has designed the Mcdvoice survey to question McDonald’s service, customer’s satisfaction, facilities, drive-in experience, employees behavior and conduct, prices, how the new deals are working out, quality of food, and their experience at McDonald’s.

After, considering all the Mcdonald’s Survey, McDonald’s will improve its service and come to know about the various areas that are lacking in hitting a bull’s eye.

The outcome that is aspired and the objective behind this McDonald’s Customer survey is to discern the customers’ opinions of the fast-food giant and to take measures to develop in all fields to be the best.

McDonald’s is also offering its customers who take part in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey a special reward for investing their time and energy.

The special reward can be used to receive a free hamburger, a muffin, sausage Mcgriddles, hotcakes, sausage burrito, any product of your choice or even a free meal.

McDonald’s knows how to treat its customers the right way.

How to take the survey?

Is like a walk in the park, to be precise, it is quite simple and doesn’t take much of your time.

The critical aspect to know is that the mcdvoice can be taken only on the

The website has a series of questions about your experience, any misconduct you have faced at McDonald’s from its services or employees, cleanliness of the store, running water facilities, sanitation, menu, tables, and chairs availability and many more questions.

McDonald’s wants its customers to be honest and sincere while answering the questions as it is to improve the integrity and connection between the franchise and the customer.

Mcdvoice-How to complete the  McDonald’s survey? 

  • Click on for the McDvoice survey.
  • Enter the 26 digit survey code on the receipt, if you don’t find a code, click on “If you don’t have a 26 survey code, click here”. The user gets redirected to the different webpage, where you will be required to answer a few questions regarding the purchase, store details of the McDonald’s branch you have received the receipt.
  • It would help if you answered questions concerning McDonald’s quality of service, healthy environment, facilities, menu, food, and honest feedback.
  • Once, completion of the survey; the user gets a confirmation code.
  • This confirmation code is valid up to 7 days and can be used on your next purchase at McDonald’s to get either a discount or a free food product of your choice.
  • You can take the survey five times in a month.
  • If any technical problem arises while midway through the survey, contact the McDonald’s helpline for further details regarding your problem.

McDonald’s is determined to be able to provide their best to every McDonald’s lover. In the past, these McDonald’s survey solved many problems, and McDonald’s is hoping it would resolve more.

Mcdvoice helps McDonald’s faith in improvement; its customers will be driving their way to the nearest McDonald’s. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “Mcdvoice-McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. I do not like the electronic menu above the cash registers. They are basically unreadable, it is hard to determine price on items and just as you are studying the menu it switches on you and you have to start all over a gain. It is so annoying I have been going to Wendy’s instead .

  2. I visited restaurant #3817 located at 7155 W. 4th. Ave. Hialeah, FL 33014 today at 9:38am.
    Note I arrived at 9:38 and stood at the counter for 6 minutes while all the employees were talking loudly and walking around like if no one knew what they were doing. Very unorganized.

    Finally another customer gets the attention of an employee and asked for assistance. The employee yells at him saying in Spanish “hey we are busy with the drive thru here and 8 other people are waiting for their food!
    I found this unprofessional and rude.

    Finally, someone came to cashier and I ordered an egg McMuffin meal with a medium orange juice.

    1. They never gave me a locator number which was #20 and never told me to sit down and someone would locate and bring my meal.
    2. They spent 10 minutes to get my meal ready.

    Finally, I saw an employee walking around with a tray that had an egg McMuffin and a hash brown. No orange juice.

    I asked him is that order 281 or locator 20?
    He said yes.

    I asked for the orange juice. The employee tells me that they ran out of orange juice yet they charged me for it and did not tell me they ran out of it.

    I then asked, “what are you going to do about this since I paid for the orange juice you do not have?

    He replied “I can get you coffee”
    I then told him to get me a large coffee so long as it was the same price as the orange juice.

    Now I could had asked for a refund and gome somewhere else cause I was not in the mood for coffee. But I decided to get coffee.

    This restaurant has issues. This is not the first problem I have encountered here. I live a block away from this McDonald’s and it’s convinient for me.

    I went by the drive through once a few weeks ago and I waited 10 minutes to get my breakfast at 5:30 am because the drive through attendant was having a personal conversation with another customer who I guess was a friend or relative of hers.

    I believe everyone in this restaurant should get training on better customer service and enhance service.

    • I am so sorry that you had to go throught that i work at a mcdonalds and if it takes that long to get the foodwe offer a free pie of your choice

  3. McDonald’s is the pinnacle of fountain Coca Cola! Allowing myself a cheat meal here once every 30 days or so. (Dieting) you can guess how upset I was when my fries were golden perfect, my Big Mac, saucy and savory, and my Coke tasting like 7 differant soft drinks. In the drive through np less so when I get to my destination I’ve got a wonderful hot meal and no beverage to accompany it. Is it kharma notifying me that my cheat visit should become a quarterly one?! Oh well. Mistakes happen and such is life.

  4. No thanks on your survey offer. All those surveys attached to it is too time consuming for a free sandwich.
    Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass

  5. After 15 minutes of searching I cannot find the online survey referenced on my receipt. This is not a user friendly process which makes it a disingenuous offer.

  6. I visited the McDonalds on 17th Street and Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale and ordered a Big Breakfast asking to substitute bacon instead of sausage. They do not substitute and sold me bacon for an additional $1.99 for TWO strips! (I also got no sausage). I ordered at 11:27/a and got my food at 11:40/a after being asked to pull into the reserve order spot.

  7. I went to McDonald’s on shorter ave n rome ga. Parked n went n. Told the lady i wanted 2 of the 2.00 chicken biscuits n 2 order of hashbrowns. My total was 4.28 n then i told the lady that it was wrong. She insisted there was a 1.00 off promo code thats why it was so cheap. So i paid. When i got home it was the 1.00 chicken biscuit. Now how u gonna mess somebodys order up like that and then straight lie and tell them about a stupid nonexsist promo code. Smh

  8. Store# 7855 Lamar co
    Ordered 2 sausage mcmuffins with egg large coke and large fries I recieved 2 sausage mcmuffins no egg was in hurry had to leave was on lunch for work only had 1/2 hr.. Always problems never get order right

  9. Mc Donald start to be expensive for the kind of food provided .
    The n°1 medium with a hot fudge Sunday $ 12.16
    No refill for the drink , no nuts with the hot fudge Sunday ( they said they are out of this )
    Now I know why people avoid to go there !!
    I will do the same

  10. After 15 minutes of searching I cannot find the online survey referenced on my receipt. This is not a user friendly process which makes it a disingenuous offer.

  11. I went to the McDonalds on 12th Street Time Square Highway in NYC and ordered a Big Meal asking to substitute bacon instead of sausage. They do not substitute and sold me bacon for an additional $1.99 for TWO strips!. I ordered my food at 11:27/a and got my food at 11:40/a after being asked to pull into the reserve order spot. I really hate their service and the stuff was also rude to us.

  12. I was very satisfied w/my order.It was correct & hot.My only problem w/them was that they never asked if I wanted any condiments & they didn’t give me any napkins,which I didn’t notice til I was already down the road.Not enough of a problem to go back…on my way to work.Other than that I was fine & the price was very reasonable.

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