AccessMCD-Want to work at McDonald’s? Get trained at Accessmcd.

Almost all of us have enjoyed having a brunch or meal at McDonald’s or popularly known as McD. This multi-national restaurant and fast food chain started out in 1940 in California.

Currently, as of statistics of 2015, McDonald’s franchisee exists in more than 100 countries across the globe and there are 36,000 stores of this brand.

The main reason why this brand is so successful is that of the hospitality of its employees and the service they offer, apart from its menu items of course.

Primary Factors Of McDonald’s

  • The fast delivery of orders
  • knowledgeable employee and their politeness

are one of the prime factors that contribute to the success of McDonald’s.

Have you ever wondered how you can get the same kind of hospitality and service at any center of McDonald’s across the world?

The answer is simple because all its employees are properly trained regarding customer service and their menu and product offerings. And who is behind all this world-class training? It is Accessmcd.

What is AccessMcd?

McDonald’s provides uniform best-in-class training to all its employees using the Accessmcd tool. It is an online training portal which is designed specifically for McDonald’s employees.

The fast-food chain manages its employee training using the Saba LMS (Learning management system) platform.

It is known as SabaNow which connects all its current employees as well as future hires with the online training website of McDonald’s.

It aims to teach them customer handling, restaurant management, and other on-job responsibilities. Only permitted employees of McDonald’s can login into Accessmcd tool and get access to training material.

Need for corporate training at McDonald’s

  • McDonald’s feed almost 1 percent of the entire world population in a day i.e. around 69 million people. Training ensures that all its customers get uniform and good experience at any of their outlets and franchise.
  • McDonald’s work on the basis of the franchise that is privately owned. But if any of its franchise lack in customer service or satisfaction it can spoil the brand name. To prevent that, training is essential.
  • There are other brands such as KFC, Subway, Burger King and others that are giving a tough competition to McDonald’s. to stand ahead of its competitors, proper training is a must.
  • This training provides information about the products and combos as well as happy meals, happy hours and other policies of the company. If an employee lacks this information then he cannot handle customers properly.
  • Training is important to make employees knowledgeable about the steps that they can take in case of disputes and any mistakes on the part of the employee. This can avoid legal complications in the worst case.

So if you are or want to become a part of this popular restaurant chain then you ought to take training at

Working in McD is the dream career for many as it offers flexible shifts and free meals. This training can make you eligible to work at any location of this super brand.

How To Login AccessMCD?

  • Here are the steps to login AccessMCD.
  • Visit
  • Enter Your Username and Password.
  • Click On Login Button To Access the portal.

AccessMCD Requirements

  • The device should be connected with the internet.
  • Require Registered McDonald’s ID.(Restaurant Management, O/O & Staff, Corporate)
  • Participate in Mcdvoice to get free food in McDonald’s Survey.